SONG PICK: FEET – English Weather



SONG PICK: FEET – English Weather

Last year, English indie-rockers FEET got some fine buzz going with their singles “Petty Thieving” and “Backseat Driver”, but the praise will only continue with the release of their new single “English Weather”.

The song was written during what the band now calls the “Barn Sessions”, when they had some time in-between festivals and shows to set up their live kit in an actual working barn in the middle of a farm in the East of England, in Bedfordshire. Google it, it is dreamily gorgeous!

The laid-backness of their surroundings when creating the song, the sheer beauty of the landscape, also found its way into “English Weather” which stands in stark contrast to the singers dry, intriguing vocals. Or easy lyric pieces like “English Weather you better pack an umbrella.” to chime in. There is nothing gloomy about the sparkling tune though, it is catchy and highly welcomed.

Listen to “English Weather”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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