SONG PICK : Car Astor – Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak



SONG PICK : Car Astor – Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak

When you put on “Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak” you are greeted by a mean bass line, which keeps you on the edge for most of the song. The new high-energy track by New York musician Car Astor is something to throw your hand in the air and tackle whatever next obstacle life throws in your way. Car reveals about the song:

This song is my current favorite of the batch of songs I’ve recorded recently! I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone vocally here and am using my voice in ways that I never did before recording this track. I think it really brings in some amazing early 2000’s vibes. I just have so much fun playing and listening back to it. Lyrically, this is about the tension of two people wanting each other but not being able to be together physically, which can be so frustrating and tense, but also an incredible feeling.

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