SONG PICK: J. Laser – Waves & Blades



SONG PICK: J. Laser – Waves & Blades

Depending on your relationship with music, you might recall the times of browsing a record store, when you heard a fantastic new single and could not wait to play it on your own turntable. On repeat! Now this all has changed of course, but as a music blogger I often receive new music ahead of its release date and having listened to “Waves & Blades” in advance last week, I could barely wait to feature this exquisite piece of electronic music.

J.Laser is the project by composer and producer Jordan Lawlor (formerly M83) and “Waves & Blades” is the outfit’s second single after “Go! (feat. Mai Lan)”.  Big soundscapes, powerful rhythm and rhythm changes that keep you on your tows, surprising elements here and there make for one giant wave of mesmerizing sonic bliss.

Listen to “Waves & Blades” our Song Pick of the Day:

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