SONG PREMIERE: Rivita – Her Ghost



SONG PREMIERE: Rivita – Her Ghost

Singer/producer Rivita has come around in the world before settling in Brooklyn – for now. Like for most people, her life is one of ups and downs and in her new song “Her Ghost”, she calls for embracing that flow and not letting yourself spiral down into becoming your own ghost. After last year’s EP “Tribal Love”, Rivita deploys again her mastery in electronic production for a fresh, catchy pop song with enough depth to lose yourself in over the course of its 3:10 minutes.

Rivita gives some background about “Her Ghost”:

“Her Ghost captures the emotions that come with living an exciting life. The hook “She comes and goes, where no one knows, she comes and goes, now I’m her ghost” explains how I feel, most days I am super happy and upbeat but then there are days I wonder where did I go? With this song, I want to help spread the importance of mental health and being empathetic not only to others but to ourselves. This song is about cutting yourself some slack and chilling so take a deep breath and say Yay!”

What an important and beautiful message wrapped in an equally compelling track! We are excited to premiere “Her Ghost” as our Song Pick of the Day. Listen below on Spotify or SoundCloud:

Rivita will play the glamglare showcase on February 28. Connect with Rivita on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.