SONG PICK: Spellling – Under The Sun (Video)



SONG PICK: Spellling – Under The Sun (Video)

“Under The Sun”, the new song by Chrystia Cabral who goes by Spellling is quite something to wrap your mind around. It starts with bubbling Kraftwerk-y synths, then shape-shifts multiple times, but is always held together by Chrystia’s beguiling vocals. After “Haunted Waters” she chose a much more upbeat topic for “Under The Sun”:

“Under The Sun” is is a cosmic prayer for good fortune, It celebrates the invisible energies that come together over time to create something radically new, like the birth of a star.”

Filmmaker Catalina Xavlena provides the visuals for “Under The Sun” with swirling colors, analog effects, Chrystia’s Björkish dances and a horse. “To be continued..” it says in the closing credits – I hope very much so. In any case we can expect more music from Spellling next Friday when her album “Mazy Fly” comes out on Sacred Bones.

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(Photo Credit: Catalina Xavlena)