SONG PICK: Yip Deceiver – Devotee



SONG PICK: Yip Deceiver – Devotee

Georgia-based three-piece Yip Deceiver released the beautifully upbeat, funky and disco-ready “Devotee” about which vocalist Davey Pierce says:

“‘Devotee’ is the product of countless late nights with The Gap Band, Cameo, and Steely Dan. Part roller boogie, part R&B, part dance, ‘Devotee’ kind of hangs out in its own little world. It is a love song, sure, but more so it’s about what you would give up to a part of something bigger than yourself and realizing that you can actually be improved if you are willing to take a chance on something new.”

I am sitting in a plane to Austin, TX for SXSW as I am writing this and all I can do is a little seat-dancing but I imagine this being great fun on an actual dance floor. Bottom line, “Devotee” is invigorating and super cool. Listen to “Devotee”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Chelsea Kornse