SONG PREMIERE: BirdyHop – This Time



SONG PREMIERE: BirdyHop – This Time

The dreamy tenderness in “This Time” by BirdyHop is striking and only thanks to the determined bass lines we are not completely carried away on a cloud of joyful bliss. “This Time” sports some faint Arcade Fire vibes and is definitely a break-out track for the London-based band. As fans of the indie-rock duo, we wanted to know more about their songwriting process and asked Chris and James Goldsmith for some insight:

“This was a new experience in songwriting for us, and a 50-50 collaboration between the two of us. The original idea was to experiment in fusing classical and contemporary instrumentation, though it inevitably took on a life of its own, and we ran with it. The reason why this particular song sounds so full of contrasting influences is because for around 18 months, we would literally ‘hand it over’ to each other to write new parts. The mood of the emerging song dictated the vocals, which were written as a meditation on the struggles and heroism of the ordinary person.”

The brothers explain further:

“This is also the first song we’ve ever released that features another singer – in this case a long-time friend and fellow London artist, Sharlette. Her vocals gave us something completely different to work with and provided the inspiration to finish this in the dramatic way that you hear.”

A song like “This Time” is proof to the common advise to shake things up occasionally, try new approaches and welcome change. Well done!

Listen to the gorgeous “This Time”, our Song Pick of the Day and exclusive glamglare track premiere:

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