SONG PICK: Lizzy Land – Messed Up



SONG PICK: Lizzy Land – Messed Up

“I’m just a little messed up and I think that’s ok”. L.A.-based singer/songwriter Lizzy Land speaks the truth in her new song: nobody gets it all right, despite that we all try acting like we do. Putting this message into a playful synth pop track shows a possible way out of social anxiety: don’t take things too serious. Lizzy explains:

[It] plays with my personal struggle with social anxiety and addresses the way we often worry about how we look and come off, instead of listening and being present. The mirror mask is a metaphor for both self-reflection and self-doubt. Part of the video was shot in a studio to remain introspective (almost like a space in someone’s mind). Then it shows the main character immersed in a social situation while seemingly getting along just fine, but the mask is always present.

Lizzy plans to release her debut EP “intro music plays” this summer. Watch the video “Messed Up” here:

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