SONG PICK: Sophie Colette – Version



SONG PICK: Sophie Colette – Version

The true power of a song reveals itself by hearing it in a new context. Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Sophie Colette released her new single “Version” last Friday and premiered the track live at Manhattan’s Rockwood Music Hall. While I loved the recorded song already, I understood its full potential when I heard it performed live by Sophie Colette, just by herself, sitting on a grand piano, letting her dreamy vocals roam and her musicianship shine. Once she had finished performing her newest song, the audience was silent for a few beats before breaking out in frenetic applause. No surprise here because “Version” might very well be Sophie Colette’s most stunning work to date and it is amazing recorded AND live!

The bittersweet “Version” features reflective lyrics and a contrasting playful melody which results in a wholeheartedly compelling track. The irresistible and more optimistic chorus especially gets me as I can not help but wanting to sing along with Sophie Colette.

Listen to the beautifully delicate “Version”, our Song Pick of the Day:


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Photo Credit: Ogata Saito