VIDEO FRIDAY: Sarah Eide – The Bridge Song



VIDEO FRIDAY: Sarah Eide – The Bridge Song

All that talk about building walls to push people farther apart can be depressing, but here we have the perfect antidote. “I’m Gonna Be A Bridge” sings Sarah Eide from Rochester, NY, because she wants to connect and not separate. The song’s simple, upbeat melody and lyrics and the heartwarming animations by filmmaker Jon Lewis are part of its mission as Sarah explains:

With the resolve to write this in a way even small children could understand (having two little ones myself), I ended up writing this song in less than an hour (albeit after a year of not knowing where to start). It turns out, sometimes the best way to say something is very simply and with as much lightheartedness as you can muster. Fast forward to 2019, the divide and fractionation of our country based on politics, religion, philosophy and more continues, but this song has become a mantra for myself and many others I’ve played it for. With the help of Jon Lewis, this video has the fun and quirky visuals needed to bring even more life to the meaning and message of this folk tune.

“The Bridge Song” will be digitally released next Monday. Watch “The Bridge Song” on YouTube:

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