SONG PICK: Lea Porcelain – I Am Okay



SONG PICK: Lea Porcelain – I Am Okay

Maybe Lea Porcelain have written “I Am Ok” for themselves, for times when a little pick-me-up is in order but as personal as the song is, it is at the same time rather universal. We all have days when we are down and out and a track as simple and beautiful or simply beautiful as “I Am Okay” can do wonders. The built and development of the Berlin-based duo’s latest single makes the song extra magnificent. Read here what Julien Bracht and Markus Nicolaus aka Lea Porcelain have to say about their newest creation:

“The song describes a time in everybody’s life that make you lose faith in yourself, in someone else or in life itself and you just need to hear from someone that one day everything will be ok again. That no matter what, with time and patience we all will be ok.”

Listen to “I Am Okay”, our Song Pick of the Day and first cut from Lea Porcelain’s upcoming EP (June 21):

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