SONG PICK: Vola Tila – New Behaviour



SONG PICK: Vola Tila – New Behaviour

Bristling with nostalgia “New Behaviour” reveals layers of 70s synth pop and does not shy away of flanger-usage either. The result is a beautiful pop song with infectious hooks and long-lasting appeal. “New Behaviour” marks the first single of Vola Tila‘s upcoming debut EP.  Behind Vola Tila are the singer/songwriters Johannes Henriksson and Richard Andersson who call Sweden’s  capital, Stockholm, their home. Asked about their debut single, the duo provides the following insight:

“The person is feeling confused by mental concepts between who she/he is and supposed to be. During the making of it, both of us were very sedated. It meant that we filtered out a lot of the music we made during those sessions and only kept the songs we could connect to on a deeper level.”

Both members of Vola Tila are passionate song writers and have created and produced for other artists and just started to put out their creations themselves. Luckily, they finally did because I can not even tell what I like more the hypnotic and wistful flow of the song or the gorgeous vocals. Listen to “New Behaviour”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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