SONG PICK: Wastefellow- Fizzy Lifting Drinks



SONG PICK: Wastefellow- Fizzy Lifting Drinks

A brooding yet highly danceable synth and bass foundation contrasts with bright and sparkling falsetto vocals, as bubbling as the song itself. “Fizzy Lifting Drinks” is the new single by Dublin-based singer/songwriter/producer Wastefellow. The track is an uplifting mood changer as much as a glass of bubbly can be. When asked about his newest work, Wastefellow mentions that he had created the main riff when he was still in a noise-rock band and explains further:

“Like all good tunes written for 16 year old noise bands, it’s about the feeling when you awkwardly fancy someone, and it feels like the best thing ever and the worst thing ever at the same time. Back then it was just lyrics and a guitar riff which we never fleshed into a full song.”

Listen to irresistible “Fizzy Lifting Drinks”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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