SONG PICK: Sunbathers – The Deep End



SONG PICK: Sunbathers – The Deep End

Ahead of their new EP “The Pool Party” (out June 7), indie-pop rockers Sunbathers release the chill and mellow single “The Deep End” that whispers “California”. Surprisingly, the quartet calls Baltimore, MD and not LA their home, yet their melodic, sun-kissed sound could come from there; think LANY for starters. “The Deep End” delights with a blissful melody and soft, sunny and simply beautiful vibes, yet the lyrical context contrasts with these vibrant feelings. Lead vocalist Sean Lynott explains where he got the inspiration for the track, seeing friends’ relationship fall apart and says in detail:

“The push and pull was heartbreaking to watch, but it wasn’t my place to say anything. I came up with these lyrics to air those thoughts and meditate on the sense of helplessness, both of being in a position of having unrequited feelings, and of my own as a bystander. The perspective in the lyrics is not mine, but I’ve certainly been there before.”

The result is something absolutely lovely: a song one does not get tired of. Listen to “The Deep End”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Shane Gardner