SONG PICK: Deliluh – Rabbit



SONG PICK: Deliluh – Rabbit

Listening to “Rabbit”, without knowing where Deliluh are from, I would either place them in Chicago, IL or the U.K. preferably Manchester but Canada I would not have had on my map. The Toronto-based post-punk quartet released a deliciously dark, edgy and slow-building new single with “The Rabbit”, something to chew on and essentially swallow with delight.

Lead singer Kyle Knapp says about the track:

“‘Rabbit’ is about surveying our surroundings and recognizing the corruption intrinsic in our everyday environment. It speaks from the perspective of anyone seeking truths that are often exposed as cold and hard once distinguished. The rabbit is a symbol that guides us towards solutions and deeper understanding, but not without uncovering the devil in the details.”

Listen to “The Rabbit”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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