SONG PICK: Ciaran Lavery – Full Love



SONG PICK: Ciaran Lavery – Full Love

With his beautifully melancholic new single “Full Love” singer/songwriter Ciaran Lavery makes a case for going all in. He requests to not dilly-dallying around but to earn our feelings towards love and to honestly express them. The song itself wins us immediately over with its mellow vibe and irresistibly catchy chorus.

Hailing from Northern Ireland, the artist says about his song:

“’Full Love’ is an expression, and at times, a demand for, the purest form of love – of a love that’s filled to the brim. People often hurt or gripe over the imbalances in love: ‘I loved them too much’ / ‘They didn’t love me enough’ etc. Rarely do we ask for love outright – but the expectation still exists within, all wrapped up in our own feelings of hopefulness and simultaneously, self-respect.”

“Full Love” is part of a double-A single release, with the other one, “Selene”, to follow on June 7th. Listen to “Full Love”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Kathrin Baumbach.