Welcome Campers Festival Preview



Welcome Campers Festival Preview

Welcome Campers Festival

Spending Memorial Day weekend in a summer camp, all expenses paid? With an eclectic lineup of indie artists, many of whom we have covered over the years on glamglare? That sounds too good to resist we thought and bought tickets. For the full price, by the way, because space is too limited to comp anybody.
Anyway, we are super-excited to go and we want to share some thoughts about the artists. Maybe that inspires you too. Tickets are still available here.

Half Waif

Half Waif is the project of Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Nandi Rose Plunkett. She has a broad musical background, which applies to intelligent, well-crafted pop music. Case in point: her beautiful album “Lavender” that came out last fall. Listening to her music on a warm summer evening should be an unforgettable experience. Listen to “Lavender” on Apple Music or Spotify.

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First time we saw TORRES was in Austin, at the Central Presbyterian Church (photos), where she played the 1am show for SXSW 2015, promoting her second -stellar- album Sprinter. Since then, we tried to see TORRES as often as we could at venues as diverse as Baby’s All Right, Mercury Lounge, Bowery Ballroom, MoMA or the Kings Theatre but maybe this intimate festival will be the icing on the cake? And if I am really, really lucky, Mackenzie will play “Ferris Wheel” which I have yet to see live and love so much. Can’t. Wait. Listen to TORRES’ third album “Three Futures on Apple Music or Spotify.

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Henry Jamison

“Gloria Duplex”, Henry Jamison‘s newest album, is one of our favorite albums of 2019, hands down and we are especially looking forward to hear the first track, “Gloria”, live. Maybe at night at the campfire? For die-hard fans like ourselves, who can’t get enough of the Vermont native singer/songwriter, there is also a chance to see him play Brooklyn’s Rough Trade on May 30th and in this case I go by the more the merrier. Listen to “Gloria Duplex” on Apple Music or Spotify.


L.A.-based musician Ashe does bright soaring pop music but stays way clear of sugar and bubblegum. Listen to her last EP “The Moral of the Story: Chapter 1” (Apple Music | Spotify) and you can imagine how elevating her songs would sound washing over the campground together with the rays of the early sun.

Daisy The Great

Without having actively listened to Daisy The Great, we are totally smitten by their press shots and this one is easily a favorite! Curious what they come up with at the festival. And to be a bit better prepared, we will check out Daisy The Great on Spotify.

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Savoir Adore

As some like to say, it has been a minute since we last saw Brooklyn-based dream pop duo Savoir Adore. They were headlining Baby’s All Right that night and new comer band on that bill became quite big in the meantime. Back then, we truly liked Savoire Adore’s performance a great deal and are looking forward to see what they will make out of the intimate outdoor situation.

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Aisha Badru

We can not wait to seeing New York-based singer/songwriter Asiha Badru.

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Plastic Picnic

We stumbled across the Brooklyn-based quartet Plastic Picnic a good two years ago but have to travel to Maine to eventually see the indie-rockers live. Should be fun to so see and hear what all the guitar pedals (making assumptions here!) will look like in nature and near a lake. Listen to “Bite”, Plastic Picnic’s biggest hit on Spotify.

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Liza Anne

And not to be missed Liza Anne from Nashville.

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Very much looking forward to seeing Brooklynite Wet  in an intimate setting!