SONG PICK: Desert Weather – Still In My Head



SONG PICK: Desert Weather – Still In My Head

We all have our favorite bands and favorite type of music that we hold dear to our heart, no? As for myself, I can not say ‘no’ to anything remotely The Strokes and re-turn visitors of glamglare will have come across the one or the other of such features. In any case though, any band who takes on the sound of Julian Casablancas & Co. better be good and if their debut single “Still In My Head” is anything to go by, Desert Weather ARE good! Besides, this is not New York in 2001 but Desert Weather call Los Angeles their home and it is already 2019.

The band’s lead-singer Eric Smedberg says about the track:

“Sometimes meeting certain people can leave an unexplainable impact on your life and the way you see the world. When this happens, you ignore all logic and live in the hypnotic bliss of the impression they made on you for a little while.”

Desert Weather will never know, most likely, how much I can relate to this sentiment, which also comes in such a rad packaging like fantastic vocals, great groove, tons of swagger and even a little magenta for the band photo thrown in. Love it!

Listen to “Still In My Head”, our Song Pick of the Day and start from the very beginning for not missing a thing:

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