SONG PICK: Herizen – Focus (Video)



SONG PICK: Herizen – Focus (Video)

Keeping “Focus” is not easy when one is young and being pulled in many directions. But in real life singer/songwriter Herizen has her stuff together and wants to show it with a fun and heartwarming video. Herizen explains:

The inspiration for the FOCUS music video really just came to me while I was writing the song, I wanted it to reflect the love I have for my sister and how important it to for me to be a good role model, her best friend, and greatest confidant as she is mine. I also wanted to show my fans how much of goofball I am and how relatable I can be when it comes to my music/art, because it really comes from my most vulnerable place inside me. Overall I want this video show what true love and friendship feels like, and how important it is to focus on what really matters.

Herizen starred as a young singer in the Netflix show “The Get Down,” which we enjoyed a great deal here at glamglare. She has more acting projects on the way, but hopefully she finds time to release her second EP later this year.

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