SONG PICK: Pelicandy – White Sky



SONG PICK: Pelicandy – White Sky

London-based duo Pelicandy deliver with “White Sky” a beautiful alt-pop single that is highly infectious thanks to its lightness and synth-laden smoothness. Listening to the song makes me think of the fizziness and the fine pearls of good champagne, the extra lovely sparkles.

Vocalist TC Beecham says about the track:

“White Sky is about realising the ability to focus and reframe your own thoughts and perception of reality. Choosing what world you want to live in depending more on your mind-set than your surrounding environment, it’s like a superpower that anyone can learn. Depending on how we direct our thoughts we can even change our body’s own biology. It sounds like science fiction or new-age spirituality but it’s legit psychology and neuroscience”!

As with every cool indie rock song these days, “White Sky” holds a fantastic guitar solo but for once not towards the end but in the middle, so we have time to collect ourselves again from that surprising climax. Listen to the exquisite “White Sky”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Nona Duch