When I played the beautifully wistful “Our Place” to Oliver, he immediately remarked that Kim Wilde comes to mind and we also agreed on totally digging the track. While New York-based singer/songwriter LYYN might remind some of us vocally of the 80s pop star, LYYN is very much involved in the music she creates but doesn’t shy away from combining forces. She offers the following insight:

“For production, I re-united with collaborator Myles Avery to build “Our Place” from the ground up. The foundation of the track lies in the pulsing, constant groove inspired by house artists like Mondo Grosso. Also, I love the way the guitar sounds interplay with the synth chords to give a lyrically sad song vitality and hopefulness in the melody.”

Firmly rooted in the dance pop genre, “Our Place” comes with a message, one most likely everybody can relate too, as LYNN explains:

“Nothing ever lasts quite as long as a memory. I want to guide listeners on an intimate tour through my vision of New York, where a simple street corner sets the stage for thrilling romance or crushing heartbreak. It’s bittersweet to witness how quickly favorite spots come and go because they remind me how much we’re capable of changing over time.”

The artist muses further:

“I strongly feel there’s important life lessons to be learned from every breakup, big or small – better to view them more as the golden, fleeting moments they are as opposed to merely obstacles before meeting the person you might end up being with for a long time. There’s sadness and longing in “Our Place” for sure, but also notes of optimism and gratitude for the past. This song is about the cleansing process of moving on and how finding solace in the sentimental can make you feel human again.”

Every loss is hard to deal with and there are losses that will hurt our entire life but it also means, we have loved and in some cases continue to do so. Forever. Listen to the irresistibly lovely “Our Place”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Bao Ngo