SONG PREMIERE: Eulene – Megalomaniac



SONG PREMIERE: Eulene – Megalomaniac

Born and raised in New York City and now based in Nashville, electro-pop artist Eulene hits the scene with the magnificent “Megalomaniac”, ahead of the release of her self-titled EP out on June 7. The pulsating beat in “Megalomaniac”, its brooding, forceful undertones and overall irresistible vibe make the song perfect for the dance floor or aerobic studio alike. It is nearly impossible to just listen to the track without also wanting to move a little. Eulene’s amazing vocal versatility and skillfulness lend the song additional depth but also glamour and sparkle.

As easily appealing as the track is, it also holds an interesting story and deeper meaning. We asked Eulene what might have prompted “Megalomaniac” and she says:

“I wrote this song when I was overwhelmed with seeing what money and power does to people. I’d seen people around me change from the effects of money, power, status and celebrity. Seeing the enticing temptation it it all can be….and the power it all has to change a person.”

This explains the sublime balancing act in “Megalomaniac”, when softer tones clash with boldness and Eulene’s vocals effortlessly change with the mood of the song.

We are excited to exclusively premiere “Megalomaniac” today. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

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