SONG PICK: Dead Horse Beats – Easy Nothing



SONG PICK: Dead Horse Beats – Easy Nothing

Since 2010, Montréal-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalit Patrick Wade has been putting out music under the moniker Dead Horse Beats and released his gorgeous new album “Inglaterra” in May this year. The most recent single from that album is “Easy Nothing” and the song is… everything! “Easy Nothing” maybe summarizes the overall arch of the album, offers a taste of the compelling lush and jazzy vibe to expect when listening to all the ten tracks.

Conceptually, “Inglaterra” explores the idea of a rainy vacation through deep, spacey grooves complimenting typically pessimistic but vulnerable lyrics.

Listen to the lush “Easy Nothing”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Listen to the Dead Horse Beats’ fantastic full length album “Inglaterra”, with “Easy Nothing” being the third track: