SONG PICK: Ofelia K – Different



SONG PICK: Ofelia K – Different

“Different” is a song about not fitting in and L.A.-based singer/producer Ofelia K. expressed this perfectly in words and sound. The track’s many layers and sounds are warped like a dream scene in a movie, but in the end everything comes together to an accessible pop song. Ofelia explains:

There’s a macabre joyfulness about this song, a desperation for contentment. It’s for anyone who has felt like an outsider, watching the world but not feeling a part of it.

You can tell that there went more into the production than just digital sound manipulation:

Musically, I’m interested in manipulating electronic sounds in a tangible, human way and effecting organic sounds in artificial ways. Doing things like running the Rhodes through a tape machine and manually pulling the tape to create inconsistencies, and singing different melodies in different keys then tuning specific notes to create an odd vocal entity gives the song glitches and imperfections that I find strange and beautiful.

Listen to “Different,” our Song Pick of the Day below:

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(Photo: Patrick Lynch)