SONG PICK: Company Ink – Young Milk



SONG PICK: Company Ink – Young Milk

Without context or knowing anything about Company Ink, one could easily place “Young Milk” as a song straight from late 70s Manchester, because it bursts with an undeniably catchy urgency, dark punk undertones and a remarkably infectious vibe. However, Company Ink are not calling the UK their home but Norway and are formed by high school friends Axel Olsen (vocals) and Daragh Wearen Murphy (backing vocals, guitars, keys).

Aside from “Young Milk”, the duo just released their debut EP “Blah Blah” on Propeller Recordings and when asked about their music, they offered:

“The songs are amongst the first we wrote together. There’s a lot of attitude and aggression, but there’s also a soft poppyness hidden under a sort of hard exterior in pretty much every song. There’s a lot of melody going on beneath this kind of punk aesthetic, whether it be the vocals, the guitar or the bass.”

Company Ink create compelling and infectious timeless post-punk and are definitely a band to follow! Listen to “Young Milk”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Company Ink on Facebook and Instagram and listen to Company Ink’s EP “Blah Blah”, with “Young Milk” being track #3.

Photo Credit: Eline Kjøl Berg