SONG PICK: sarasara – Into Me See



SONG PICK: sarasara – Into Me See

Parisian, now U.K.-based artist sarasara is known for a particularly dark and atmospheric brand of experimental future pop. Her second album “Orgone” is scheduled for release on July 5 on One Little Indian and the latest single “Into me See” gives us a taste of her usually slow-burning, deeply moving songs. sarasara says about the song:

“Into Me See” is about vulnerability and being seen, tt takes a lot of courage to let yourself be vulnerable. It is very uncomfortable and there’s obviously a risk of being rejected and hurt. It requires pure honesty with yourself. This is a very difficult exercise because the only way to reach that point is to transcend your ego. That is the only way to feel free.

Watch the video for “Into Me See” capturing the state of vulnerability visually:

Listen to the song on Spotify:

sarasara is in New York City for the French Rocks Summer Fest. She plays The Standard East Village tonight at 7 pm and Pianos on Sunday at 6 pm.

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