SONG PICK: HÅN – Gymnasion



SONG PICK: HÅN – Gymnasion

After two singles in 2017, including our Song Pick “The Children,” Northern Italian singer/songwriter Giulia Fontana aka HÅN is back with a new shimmering synth pop track “Gymnasion”. The title refers to the last two years in school in Italy, which may explain the dose of nostalgia that shines through the music. Giuliana explains how she named the song:

I studied a lot of Latin in high school, where we used to translate Latin compositions and texts as well as study mythology and epic poems, it’s part of our culture to study them. Calling this song “gymnasion’ was a reference both to the place where I met the person in the song and to that period of my life together with the universe of little things I associate it with. Plus it’s a cool word, it means different things and I like words with different meanings.

HÅN plans an EP release this fall and she has a few summer shows lined up, including a gig at Spain’s super-festival Primarvera. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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(Photo: Chiara Zanotti)