SONG PICK: Jens Carelius – All I Know



SONG PICK: Jens Carelius – All I Know

A song as mesmerizing as “All I Know” is appealing without any knowledge about its inspiration or wider context. However, if your great-great-grandfather has documented over 50,000 specimens of fascinating butterflies in Eastern Siberia in the 1800s and you are an artist you might want to explore this a little further. Jens Carelius did exactly that with his upcoming album “Opsi” (out September 13 via Jansen Records) inspired by the diaries of his great-great-grandfather Fritz “Opsi” Doerrie.

Asked about his new single, Jens Carelius says:

“‘All I Know’ is about how we choose to spend our short time on this earth. The song starts with the clicking of a clock, as I wanted Opsi’s life and his own search to echo how we all live today, which is a totally different world than his. Opsi spent most of his life searching for something unknown and unseen. Never for the fame of it, purely driven by his genuine love for nature and wildlife.”

The song beautifully captures this notion with its steady flow and peaceful determination. Listen to “All I Know”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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