SONG PREMIERE: Indi Rose – Lemon Tree



SONG PREMIERE: Indi Rose – Lemon Tree

We all need a safe place, where we can retreat to and be ourselves. “Lemon Tree,” the new song by London-based singer/songwriter Indi Rose, leads you to such a place: carried by a gentle guitar line it slowly builds towards a cathartic finale, the moment when things fall into place. At least for a little while. Indi recalls:

“When I was a child I used to travel to Spain a lot to my grandparents house and at the end of the garden there was a lemon tree and it became a safe place since then. If I had any problems or felt upset I would go to this tree and sit under it to release my feelings, read books, draw and it would make me feel at ease; I can relate this to my current life and problems and wanted to make a song about the symbolism of the tree of ages.”

We are excited to premiere the beautiful “Lemon Tree”, Indi Rose’s second single after “Jealousy” last year. She is currently working on her debut EP.

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