SONG PICK: Freeman – Get Me Started



SONG PICK: Freeman – Get Me Started

London-based singer/songwriter, Charlie Freeman, who makes music as FREEMAN, released  his new single, “Get Me Started” ahead of his sophomore album, “Love”, due out September 27. The single offers a good taste of what we can expect: pleasing melodies, smooth vocals and guitar play with a lot of swagger and a great vibe.

“‘Get Me Started’ is a groove-based tune with a funk vibe, quite different in style to other tunes on the record. My reference was ‘Miss You’, one of my favourite Stones tracks, which they dropped during the disco fever of the late 70’s.”

Never a big Stones’ fan, I absolutely loved “Miss You” back then, and was incredibly happy when I could create a radio cut via my tape recorder. This tape wore thin so often listened to the track! Luckily, in the age of streaming, nothing wears thin anymore but the numbers should get higher. “Get Me Started” is a beautifully groovy song and deserves a few extra spins. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

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