SONG PICK: Split Screens – Need From Me



SONG PICK: Split Screens – Need From Me

“Need From Me” sounds as if Jesse Cafiero, the multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter behind the recording project Split Screens, was taking cues from a crystal-clear mountain brook, rippling in the early morning sun, when composing this gorgeous track. The song flows and swells and intensifies over time, never loosing its playful and irresistible appeal.

An artist through and through, San Francisco-based Cafiero wanted to invest his creative energy in other projects too and began to make collage art and animate music videos for other Bay Area bands. That it is why we did not hear any new music from him for more than four years. Asked about the background for his new single, Cafiero offers:

“This song explores the compromises that can come from a relationship, the push and pull of who gives and who takes.”

“Need From Me” announces Split Screen’s upcoming six-song EP, scheduled for October this year. For now, listen to the gorgeous “Need From Me”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Konina Biswas

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