SONG PICK: Mealtime – Teef



SONG PICK: Mealtime – Teef

“Teaf” got me from the start by the lyric piece “let’s sit by the ocean“, an image appealing and strong enough, to draw me in. Of course, the allure does not stop at the lyrics as “Teef”, the new single by Manchester-based six-piece Mealtime, is highly catching and truly charming. When asked about their new song, the band offers:

“Sonically and lyrically, the song showcases a different side to us compared to our debut track ‘Denim’. We mixed up darker, atmospheric beats with sugary sweet songwriting. We wanted the feel like waking up from a deep sleep.”

Several different moods are noticeable in “Teef”, supported by the different vocals who together create something almost mystical and certainly utterly beautiful. Listen to “Teef”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Sara Carpentieri

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