SONG PICK: Margot Polo – Let’s Get Out



SONG PICK: Margot Polo – Let’s Get Out

Of course the name Margot Polo sounded familiar and I remembered the club-ready single “Dance With Me” that I featured “somewhen last year” but as cool coincidences go, the feature happened exactly 364 days ago. And so, putting “Let’s Get Out” on your radar, is a no-brainer and gives me great joy. Behind Marco Polo is California-based singer/songwriter and producer David Provenzano, who has a five-track EP coming out later this year.

As characteristic for Margot Polo’s style, “Let’s Get Out” is beautifully upbeat without falling into the sugary dance-pop trap. It is 100% feel-good music yet with enough of an edge to remain interesting while at the same time totally irresistible. The lyrics also support the coolness of the song, when Provenzano reveals:

“There’s a line in the song about ‘going west on Highway 1.’ This is bit of a dark joke; everyone in California knows Highway 1 goes north to south. If you go west it means you’re toppling over the cliffs.”

Ugh, thanks for the explanation, which makes me feel like a little bit of a Cali-insider. Listen to the summer gorgeous “Let’s Get Out”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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