SONG PICK: Honest Men – My Mind



SONG PICK: Honest Men – My Mind

What’s in name? Decided, to not take Julia too seriously, and gave the new single “My Mind” by Texan four-piece Honest Men a listen. The track is joyfully upbeat with some cool indie rock swagger thrown in. The band says about their newest song:

“‘My Mind’ explores the complexity of relationships once people have left the room— the passing of judgment on one another that occurs whether we’re aware or not. We live in a world with loud voices and even louder opinions, and this song explores the question of where we stand in the midst of it all.”

Interesting food for thought, no doubt. Musically, the band is exploring new territory which they explain as follows:

“We wanted to showcase a grittier, more complex sound with this song. The drums and bass are loud and in your face. The guitars are aggressive. The lyrics and vocals don’t hold back. This track marks the start of a new era for us as a band, musically and personally. This is the first of many releases in the coming months that, we hope, give something new to our fans that they haven’t gotten from us before.”

The edgier side of Honest Men is right up my alley and I can see them being just as successful with songs like “My Mind”. Listen to “My Mind”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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