SONG PICK: Cold Reading – Present Tense



SONG PICK: Cold Reading – Present Tense

The reasons why something resonates with us, are not always the immediately obvious ones. I almost passed on Swiss quintet Cold Reading but upon receiving the correct streaming links, I gave “Present Tense” a listen and liked the peaceful flow of the track. What made me want to the Lucerne-based indie rockers in the first place though, was that just a little earlier, I had read a cool new interview with my favorite Swiss tennis player and idol – you can guess who. Back to music…

“Present Tense” is taken from Cold Reading’s second EP aptly named “Present Tense” and thoroughly anchored in the present. When asked about the lyrical concept for the single and the album, singer Michael Portmann provides the following insight:

“My feelings and thoughts often wander into the past and it feels like I’m leaving the Now for a while. Or I’m wondering where my path might lead, instead of devoting my whole self to the moment. I was inspired by the Buddhist teaching of living in the here and now. On the one hand, ‘Part 2: Present Tense’ is about the difficulty of accepting all my experiences, to let them rest and not to look too far ahead. On the other hand, the lyrics are me advising myself to go through life more carefully and consciously. And even though ‘Part 2: Present Tense’ is primarily about the present, the Now is directly linked to the past and the future.”

“Present Tense” delights with its mellow flow, keeping you grounded in the here and now. Listen to our inspiring Song Pick of the Day:

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