SONG PICK: Jungle Boy – Haunted



SONG PICK: Jungle Boy – Haunted

The dark and raspy-velvet vocals is what kicks off “Haunted” so beautifully. The vocals belong to London-based singer/songwriter Jake who makes music as Jungle Boy. The chorus It’s a romance, it’s a lie is of the bittersweet sort and one that makes you chime in, so catchy. Listening to Jungle Boy’s single on repeat, utterly entranced by it, I wondered what he means with Looking back is all I look forward to and reached out to Jake.

This morning, I received the following answer and insight, which I am exited to share: 

“The track is about someone who only sees through his camera and because of this is always living life rewinding and looking back (living more in the past than the present). The origins of the song came from an observation of how in society we are so glued to our phones/social media that we look back too much and don’t live in the present as much as we should.”

Kudos for wrapping this sentiment and message into such a beautiful song! Being more mindful for our here and now might give us greater joy indeed and with mesmerizing songs like “Haunted” even more so. Listen to “Haunted”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Nour Hassaine


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