VIDEO FRIDAY: Sophie Colette – Would You Like It



VIDEO FRIDAY: Sophie Colette – Would You Like It

Had I never listened to any of Sophie Colette‘s pop pearls before and never seen the Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter either, then her brand new video “Would You Like It” would seal the deal!  The music video, directed by Karina Vidal, is everything a music, arts and New York loving heart desires. It focuses on the artist and uses the city and its inhabitants as a vibrant background, in pastel colors!

glamglare was premiering Sophie Colette’s beautiful video “Slow Danse” last year and we were immediately smitten with her single “Version” too, where the chorus mentions a butterfly. Consequently, whenever I see one of these little beauties, Sophie Colette’s catchy song comes to mind. Equally catchy and simply irresistible is “Would You Like It”, which evolves around honesty and owning your feelings, best expressed when Colette chants Wanna know the truth, I fell in love with you.

See and hear for yourself, by watching the video:

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