SONG PICK: KidEyes – Take Me Back In Time



SONG PICK: KidEyes – Take Me Back In Time

Los Angeles-based indie-electronic duo KidEyes, formed by Ben Epand and Greg Cahn released the gorgeous “Take Me Back In Time” ahead of their EP, due on October 4th. The song’s sentiment is as fundamental as it is beautiful and I know it is true on a personal level, a very happy one. Ben Expand explains:

“‘Take Me Back In Time’ is the result of time taking its toll on the vibrant color of a new relationship. We all cherish the freshness of new love, but that honeymoon or dream phase can wain over time. ‘Take Me Back In Time’ is intended to remind us that true love will always stand the test of time. The dream is real.”

A loving and happy relationship does not come over night but it grows and becomes richer over time. Trust in the journey. Listen to “Take Me Back In Time”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Cameron Jordan


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