Reeperbahn Festival 2019 in Hamburg, Germany



Reeperbahn Festival 2019 in Hamburg, Germany

Sadly, we couldn’t just quickly book a trip to Hamburg, Germany to attend  this year’s Reeperbahn Festival. Browsing through the many performing acts, we also identified some glamglare favorites and acts we would have loved to see had we’ve made it over the pond. Maybe next year? Hamburg is definitely worth a visit and also a mere two hours train ride away from Berlin.

More info about the festival with its music, visual arts and conference parts.

Here are some of the festival acts that we love and have featured on glamglare before:

W. H. Lung (U.K.)

Georgia (U.K.)

Gurr (Germany)

Be Forest at Valhalla

Be Forest (Italy)

Jesse Mac Cormack (Canada)

Chaos Chaos (USA)

Lost Cousins (Canada

  • Stay” –  (Song Pick of the Day)

The Elwins (Canada)

Sorcha Richardson (Ireland)

  • 4 am” –  (Song Pick of the Day)
  • Lost” –  (Song Pick of the Day)

Evvol (Germany)

… and then there are so many more fantastic acts that we would have loved to see live in the beautiful coastal city Hamburg. Many European and especially German acts to explore. For those of you who are there, enjoy!

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