SONG PICK: Ryahn – Watching x Waiting



SONG PICK: Ryahn – Watching x Waiting

Ryahn is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from L.A. via Florida. Her debut EP “Light Blue” is about finding her way out of a seemingly hopeless place in her life. In the opening cut “The Journey” she recounts a pivotal moment in such candor that you may want to go outside and have that experience too right away. From there she goes on with R&B at its best, fresh but without overproduction and trendy sound effects.

Our Song Pick of the Day, “Watching x Waiting” is a relaxed, beautiful track about how complicated love can become. Ryahn explains:

“Watching x Waiting” is about a bittersweet relationship that leaves each person unsure of where they stand. They’re star crossed lovers that have always been drawn to each other but continue to be passive about their true feelings for one another at the risk of rejection, so they just keep playing it cool.

Listen to “Light Blue” on Apple Music or Spotify. Check out “Watching x Waiting” here:

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(Photo: Jorde Diomande)

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