SONG PICK: Gazel – Walk on Land



SONG PICK: Gazel – Walk on Land

“Gazel’s Book of Soul” – the album title alone makes you curious about what is going on here. It is British/Turkish singer, songwriter and producer Gazel, who sets a mythical story to a compelling soundtrack full of ideas and unexpected twists.

Gazel put deep thoughts into the album. She explains:

When writing ‘Gazel’s Book of Souls’ I knew I wanted to create a mythological structure of the unconscious mind – like an imaginary psychic map. I wanted a theme for each song, each representing a different aspect of the human psychic tendency – grief, growth, technology, symbolism, problems of identity and belief in the mind’s fabrications. ‘Gazel’s Book of Souls’ is music that explores dreams, consciousness and the great mystery of the human mind.

“Gazel’s Book of Souls” comes out on Friday. In the meantime, listen to our Song Pick of the Day “Walk on Land,” which dazzles with a lighthearted steel drum and a sing-along chorus. Update: Listen to the album on Apple Music or Spotify.

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