SONG PICK: Easypeel – Honey Glazed



SONG PICK: Easypeel – Honey Glazed

Melancholy, when used sparingly and in an intelligent way, can be such a powerful tool. London-based musician Easypeel understands how to infuse his new single “Honey Glazed” with just enough of a wistful feeling to create an utterly appealing vibe. Singer/songwriter Tom Morley is the artist behind the moniker Easypeel and when asked about his newest song, he offers:

“In the past 18 months I’ve been writing a lot, exploring ideas around how we connect, or fail to connect, with the world around us. It’s a recurrent realisation that we ourselves are nature too; sickly hunks of meat dressed up in civilisation. We have an amazing view of the River Thames and have filled the studio with plants – it feels like the closest to nature we can be in a London studio. An urban oasis.”

This makes me want to see the studio! Which kind of plants would thrive in a (dark?) studio space and which ones have Morley and the studio people chosen? Maybe, along with the hopefully not too soon out EP or full length album, we get a glimpse of that too.

Listen to “Honey Glazed”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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