SONG PICK: The Very Lazy Sundays – Sometimes A Broken Heart



SONG PICK: The Very Lazy Sundays – Sometimes A Broken Heart

“Sometimes A Broken Heart”, the new single by English folk-quartet The Very Lazy Sundays charms from the very first guitar strumming and the feeling intensifies as the song progresses. Singer and guitarist Diyar provides the following inspiration for their new song:

“One of us had recently gone through a messy breakup and the song is about accepting your heartache and giving yourself time.”

The chorus’ lyrics should resonate with many because  “Sometimes A Broken Heart, needs to stay broken still, pick all those pieces up and go” is occasionally all you can do. It is impossible to convince someone to change or to stay or to believe you or to love you or to-fill-in-the-blanks. The sentiment can be even taken much broader than just romantic love because a heart can break for many reasons and there are instances when it simply remains broken and that is a fact to be accepted. Analyze, digest, accept and move on.
But before I get all gloom and doom, I much rather pull out the band’s tagline when they claim “a little bit of musical sunshine to make your soul smile” and that is exactly what their new single does: it makes my soul smile and warms my music loving heart. Listen to “Sometimes A Broken Heart”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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… and there is even a video! Vidoes, that showcase a band and are simple yet great in their core idea are my favs. Watch the lovely video to a beautiful song:



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