SONG PICK: Wanderers – Make It On My Own



SONG PICK: Wanderers – Make It On My Own

Calling South Australia’s coastal capital Adelaide their home, indie duo Wanderers defy genres with their trademark symphony of moods: guitar shredding meets dreamy harmonies meets funky bass lines held together by an overall feeling of nostalgia. The duo’s latest single “Make It On Your Own” is a beautiful testament of their unique blend of styles. Maybe most surprising in the song’s mix is its formidable guitar solo that I would love to see live!** “Make It On Your Own” comes with an incredible dose of grooviness that’s impossible to resist. Connect with Wanderers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and listen to “Make It On My Own”, our Song Pick of the Day:

**The Australian duo plays The Delancey on Wednesday, October 16 (9pm) for Mondo.NYC. See you there?! To get a taste what they sound like live -when they are with their six-piece live band- watch their live video for “Make It On My Own”:


Photo credit: Morgan Sette

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