SONG PICK: Psychic Twin – Water Meets Land



SONG PICK: Psychic Twin – Water Meets Land

“Water Meets Land” is an upbeat, bright synth pop song and you may feel compelled to put it on repeat to inhale as much of its bouncy energy as possible. It is the first new song by Erin Fein aka Psychic Twin since her 2016 album “Strange Diary”. Since then she has moved from New York to L.A. and plays Empress Of’s touring band.

Erin shares about the song:

I want to share with anyone out there reading this that, if you are lost, you can learn to find your way again. If you’re willing to get help when you need it, you can learn to love and forgive yourself, without anyone else’s affirmation but your own. You can take the dagger out of your own heart and you can find the resources inside of yourself to do it. It is a life’s work, but it is possible.

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(Photo: Julia Brokaw)

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