SONG PICK: Me Not You – Does Anybody Out There Care



SONG PICK: Me Not You – Does Anybody Out There Care

“Does Anybody Out The Care?” is probably a thought that has crossed everybody’s mind numerous times. Well, now there is a Me Not You song to express this feeling loudly for cathartic relief. Even better: the NYC duo has finally their excellent debut full-length album “Already Gone” (Apple Music | Spotify) ready for release this Friday.

Singer Nikki gives some background about the song:

Sometimes life feels like it’s pulling you out into a riptide, and there’s nothing you can do but just hold your breath and go with it. You come up for air only to be pulled back down again. ‘Does Anybody Out There Care?’ is about that moment when you realize it’s pointless to struggle against the current… it’s time to hold your breath and see where it takes you.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “Does Anybody Out The Care?” on SoundCloud and Spotify:

(Photo: Shervin Lainez)

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