SONG PICK: Mammút – Forever in Your Mind



SONG PICK: Mammút – Forever in Your Mind

The majestic “Forever in Your Mind” keeps you on your toes and while I don’t know about “forever”, the new single by Icelandic five-piece Mammút certainly wiggles itself in your earbuds and lingers there for… well… a long time. While they are a pleasure to listen to, everything becomes truly magical seeing them live on stage. We hope to be lucky, to experience them again live during this year’s Iceland Airwaves when they are scheduled to perform tonight at the impressive Reykjavik Art Museum.

Last year, we had reached out to Mammút for a Q&A (still loving this piece and big thanks to Ása) and are excited to now feature “Forever in Your Mind” as our Song Pick of the Day and seeing the Icelandic musical force later today:

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