SONG PICK: Margot Polo – The Feeling



SONG PICK: Margot Polo – The Feeling

As an avid fan of Margot Polo‘s music, I’ve been in touch with the musician behind the moniker and asked David in particular about “The Feeling” and this is what he told me:

“The closing track on my debut EP, OOHYEAHYEAH, ‘The Feeling’ is a euphoric, escapist anthem with 80s and 90s-inspired synths, soaring vocals, and tribal drums harkening back to Lionel Richie, Peter Gabriel, and Paul Simon, but with a contemporary R&B/Pop edge. For fans of The Weekend, JR JR, Glass Animals and Miguel. The song, along with the EP, is about the different ways, healthy and unhealthy, that we yearn to transcend reality. That might be through something dangerous, like substance abuse. It might be a road trip or night out with a mysterious stranger. There’s a bit of ambivalent hedonism implied here. That’s what I love about pop. These lyrics are not very autobiographical; they’re fantasy, my own preferred mode of escapism.”

And David states further:

“At the end of the day, my biggest hope with “The Feeling”, specifically, was that it would provide a soundtrack for people to forget their worries, have a drink and feel good!”

Mission accomplished, David! “The Feeling” is on my pick-me-up playlist. Listen to “The Feeling”, our catchy Song Pick of the Day:

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Don’t stop with “The Feeling” but listen to the entire EP “Oohyeahyeah” from “Let’s Get Out” to its closing track and start all over again:

You can also get the beautifully positive vibes on SoundCloud:

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