SONG PICK: Natalie Walker – Starry Eyed Kids



SONG PICK: Natalie Walker – Starry Eyed Kids

Way back in 2006 I was looking for new music on emusic, which was back then a predecessor of the today‘s subscription services. „Urban Angel“ by Colorado-based singer/songwriter Natalie Walker was one of the albums I found and I had it on repeat on my iPod. Social media was still in its (innocent) infancy so I haven not kept track on her releases until this year. Her lastest EP „Evenfall“ (Apple Music | Spotify) comes 13 years after „Urban Angel“ and demonstrates how forward-looking her blend of acoustic and electronic music has already been back then.

From „Evenfall“ we chose „Starry Eyed Kids,“ a beautifully nostalgic track about a childhood crush, as our Song Pick of the Day:

(Photo: Kevin Michael)

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