SONG PICK: JIM ALXNDR feat. Angie McMahon – Slave



SONG PICK: JIM ALXNDR feat. Angie McMahon – Slave

“Slave” by Australian songwriter and producer JIM ALXNDR is a beautiful, slow building ballad but the vocal magic of Angie McMahon elevate the track to an utterly gorgeous piece of music. The song intensifies almost unnoticeably and builds and builds until it carefully explodes in its ultimate crescendo. Asked about the inspiration to the track, ALXNDR  provides:

“Writing the song helped me to see what was really going on inside the relationship. I’d write a verse at the piano, then re-read it and think, ‘Oh yeah, right! That’s what’s happening to me.'”

Thankfully, heartbreak can also come with a positive side effect, if it unleashes such amazing, creative energy! Listen to the enchanting “Slave”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit for JIM ALXNDR: Lauren Sebree

Photo credit for Angie McMahon: Chelsea Sienna

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